Friday, April 24, 2009

Picking Dandelion Greens

Busy, busy
Among other fun things I've missed doing this Spring, is the Picking of the Greens. The very young greens make a good side dish, and the older, but as yet unmowed, and certainly unsprayed leaves make a great cup pf tea, known in former decades as a Spring Tonic.

I put it off almost too long this year. There are some unmowed areas around us, but the leaves are pretty big, where they exist. How can there be big blooms and no leaves? I kid you not. Also, at 11:30 am it is too late in the day for this child to be bending over in the Sun. The hat proved to be too hot to tolerate. So, from now, it's early morning and late evening for any yardwork.

Will buy sunscreen soon.

All you heat lovers in the northern hemisphere,enjoy.


Anonymous said...

when do you pick the greens?

P and P said...

Dear Anonymous,

I've read in a couple of herb books that it's good to pick them in the morning after the dew has dried. I tend to do it whenever I get around to it.

I think that they taste better if you pick them as soon as they come up in the spring, but again, I do it whenever I get around to it.

Enjoy your weeds!