Saturday, April 25, 2009

Messiahsking's post on Y!A

I don't know this guy's name, but he gave me permission to copy this, which I find very interesting.

When two people marry, they are making vows of intimacy,purity, and holiness unto God and to each other. By being Virgins they are making a "Blood Covenant" unto God. If you are not a Virgin, the "Blood Covenant" cannot be made but on a Spiritual Bond alone. This opens the door that seems to be a cursed crooked path that many times leads to separation and divorce unless the couple has a true relationship with Jesus. Two men or two women being united together in the bonds of "Holy" matrimony cannot be joined together in a "Blood Covenant" unto God for the Hymen of the woman must be broken in order for this covenant to be made and their union is defiled before God..Many are leading this Nation down the path of destruction when they choose to follow their own way rather than being lead by the written word of God.. Stay pure, marry on God's terms and you will be blessed in your marriage.

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Marilynn K. Howe said...

Wow! That was graphic and I am so glad that you were bold enough to share it. What a revelation!