Sunday, January 4, 2009

I, Too, Would Have Bombed Them

I'm blatantly pro-Israel.

Hamas says the things that look like bombs were actually oxygen canisters. Israel says they were being taken from a place used to store ammunition.

Even if they turn out to be O2 canisters, they LOOKED like bombs (I think) and were in a suspect location. Don't be there when Israel is bombing. When men are there, they die.

If you google images of Grad missiles, you see the thing on the truck with added tail fins and warheads.

Why were the men in the yard wearing white coveralls with a head covering attached? I didn't see them from an angle to tell if they had face plates, but the the suits looked very much like American hazmat suits,

I hope Afghanis have learned not to shoot off rifles for joy in wedding celebrations. When they do, they get killed.

God, please keep the children safe. I hope Iraqi children have learned not to menacingly raise the empty hulk of a rifle carcass at American soldiers. When they do, they die.

Golda Meier: "We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours."

Papa God, please forgive us.

Walt Whitman: "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"

The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men.

I've that a better translation of the angels' message to the shepherds is "Peace to men of good will." Anyone have an opinion?

Peace of the Lord be with you.

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Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil"...Thomas Mann

What is evil? Glorifying death of self, children and others, disruption of peace, refusal to abide by ceasefires after negotiations and promises, hiding behind civilians or as civilians and causing death and harm to their own people.

It's tragically unfortunate that Hamas refuses to build up and only tears down. Israel left Gaza as promised. They left greenhouses. Palestine could have built restaurants, hotels, and worked in the greenhouses on this seaside strip of land. They destroyed the greenhouses, they teach their children to destroy themselves.

Israel even telephones houses that will be bombed to warn people to evacuate, when the people refuse to leave but run on top of the roofs, Israel bombs nearby to let them know they are serious and give them another chance to leave before they bomb the houses and secondary explosions happen because of all the bombs hidden in civilian houses. Who calls people? What more can they do? They warned for years.

How can anyone be surprised! Israel has endured thousands of bombs onto their own civilians. They have every right to defend their citizens and peace and their right to exist.