Monday, February 18, 2013


Some Special Friends Who Love the Lord and a Special Necklace from Friend Who Loves the Lord.(Who is Also a Special Friend.)

The top is Nolene, whom I have known my whole life from church.  Then comes Nadine and the man I call the Hall Saint, since I can never remember his name and he insists on taking in Sun. afternoon church from this love seat in the hall.  I would too if I could.  The area the rest of us sit in is too warm. Next is me at the local grocery showing off one of my lovely Christmas presents from Daffy, like those seen in her Etsy shop,
sweetheartstudio.  There she has many beautiful things.
My photography leaves much to be desired.  There is a lovely crystal to the lower right of the P.

Thanks for looking at my special people and necklace!


Kippy SoMature said...


Princess Daffy said...

LOOK AT YOU! You are darling, and so stylish in your cute hat!

Thanks for sharing the pics of your special friends, and I am so happy to see that you enjoy your necklace!
Love you, Patti :)