Monday, May 28, 2012

Strong, Intellingent, Not Fuzzy

I've always loved the strong intelligent women in my life, starting with Mother, Grannie, and Aunt Cleo.  Then came Viola Teacher, who taught me more than music. Next was a microbiology undergrad prof.

In grad school I chose a man for my microbiology research advisor.  He was fine until he fell out of political favor at the uni, leaving me in limbo. Finally, a new genetics prof, whose adopted son was my high school student, pushed me and the school to move on my degree.  She and another woman got me my M.S.  I had worked for the  Dean of grad studies and been so in awe of her power that I messed up EVERY phone msg I took for her.  She signed my diploma anyway.

One of my  pastors is a fine Bible teacher, pianist, and knitter.  She keeps challenging me to do better, like every other strong intelligent woman in my life has done.

These are not warm fuzzy relationships, but extremely important and I thank God for every one.