Friday, February 11, 2011

The blizzard

We had to go to the bank Feb1 and got stuck coming out of the drive through. Suddenly people appeared and effectively pushed! I don't think they were angels, but they certainly ministered to us. I think that four helped get started home.

Then, in our driveway, we got stuck in a drift. A man with a Jeep came by and offered a tow. Eventually we decided that I'd drive and he would tell me how to turn my wheels and when to gun it. Made it

Then a girl from the salon next door came over and shoveled our porch and steps. Our neighbor with whom we share a drive shoveled it all himself.

I thank them and I thank Heavenly Father for such lovely people.

Below are some items I intend to promote today.

Like June Cleaver's #bluebird #etsybot

Subdued elegance (shibui in Japanese) #bluebird #etsybot

This tool keeps the STORY in mind. It's better than vitamin infusion. #bluebird #etsybot

Remember, we're one day closer to seeing Jesus!

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