Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best Answer

On Yahoo!Answers, I asked "Please list a set of logical steps from seeing the glory of God in the heavens to redemption through Jesus.

Barry W said I could paste his answer here and use his answer in any way I like. TY

don't agree with some of the other respondents. Given certain knowledge there are other things which can be logically deduced.

- See the Glory of God in the heavens
- Accept that the level of organization is beyond 'chance'
- Accept that there is order and design to the Creation
- Accept the proposition that there is a Creator

- See that there is a Creator or God
- Determine if that God is still alive
- Determine the nature of that God (loving, vengeful, just, unpredictable)
- Accept that the nature of "goodness" derives from God

- See that God is Good
- Determine if God intended for people to be "good"
- Determine why we are not "good"
- How do we know what is good?
- What would be required for us to be "good"?

- See that I am separated from God
- What is the nature of that separation?
- Does God know about it?
- Does God know me?
- Is there a way to be reconciled?

- See that God made a way for us to be reconciled (that isn't performance based)
- Do I have to be "good" before that reconciliation can apply to me?
- How can I know that it's a real offer for me?
- Do I really want that?
- How can I get that?

- How do I know that I have it?

- What do I do now?

The flow is the flow of science: if I see the order of the universe, then I can learn about the one who created order by studying creation. What I learn about the creator leads me to understand his nature, and by contrast my own.

The rest is summed up as: All who seek, find.


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Highly recommended

It's little over half an hour. I truly wish I could be as logical and persuasive, in a Godly way, as the interviewer.

Be blessed.