Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Charity

Warm Woolies, which for 8 years has sent wool clothing around the world to children who need it most, will cease operation at the end of this year. It has to do with problems with the distribution system (which has been facilitated by international adoption agencies).

I hadn't actually been active with them for the last year, but will send my last two pairs of socks and a sweater to them soon.

When I lived in Asia, I was surprised to see babies without shoes or socks, and bare to the diaper, in 30 degree F weather, in the arms of middle class parents. When I asked others about it, I was told it was a laundry consideration. Anyway, I learned that babies CAN survive without warm socks in the winter. SO.

Mr. P and I prayed over every garment sent, especially that those who wore them would come to know Jesus as Saviour. God grant me the heart to pray so still.